Driven by customer demand, Smiths Connectors has expanded its robust and innovative Hypertac HyperGrip® product line for medical and other high reliability applications. HyperGrip now offers more configurations, including connectors with 5 (HG0), 19 (HG3), 33 (HG4), or 80 (HG6) pin positions to complement the growing 12-pin position connector (HG2). Also available, is a shielded version for the HG2, HG3, and HG4 size options for EMI/RFI protection as well as Spring Probe, Fibre Optic (expanded beam and butt joint) and Coaxial contacts.

Designed specifically for the medical industry, the HyperGrip® offers a wide range of benefits for design engineers, including user-configurability, an aesthetic design with push-pull latching for easy one-hand mating, and sealing and shielding options. Sealed connectors deliver up to IP67 protection when mated and EMI/RFI shielding protects against signal interference in electrically noisy environments, allowing for the highest degree of safety and reliability within applications.

The HyperGrip‘s unique keying system and colour-coding make recognition simple and incorrect mating impossible while facilitating quick connections on medical equipment without tying up valuable medical staff time.  Not only does this save time in highly stressed situations but also allows customers greater freedom and diversity to build connectors with six different keying options from a set of common components  thereby reducing cost, lead time and inventory. 

HyperGrip® is designed to meet medical industry requirements such as finger-proofing to IEC60601, flammability rated to UL94 V0, and is compatible with most sterilization requirements, including Autoclaving, Gamma, EtO and Sterrad®.

The HyperGrip® Series offers customers a cost-effective alternative to ordinary circular plastic connectors.   “We’ve considered the needs of the market place, and have designed a connector that delivers a broader array of choices to our customers. The latest version of our cost-effective HyperGrip® Series is a direct response to what customers have been asking us to implement,“ said Gabriel Guglielmi, Vice President of Business Development for Smiths Connectors. “This product series provides the reliability, variety, ease of use, additional capabilities and added functionalities that customers require and is an attractive alternative to other interconnection solutions available today.”

The flexible design of HyperGrip® connectors allows for the use of alternate contact technologies including fibre optic, coaxial, edge card and spring probe options. Custom inserts, cable mount receptacles and cable assemblies (available in select sizes) can also be designed to optimise the customer’s connector solution.

What sets the HyperGrip®  Series apart from competitive offerings is the unmatched performance and high reliability that the Hypertac hyperboloid contact technology enables it to deliver under a variety of operational conditions.