A new synchronous buck regulator has been released by Linear Technology that is said to deliver up to 1A of continuous output current to outputs as low as 0.6V. The company advises synchronous rectification delivers efficiencies as high as 95 percent while Burst Mode operation requires only 3.5µA of no load quiescent current.

As a result the LTC3621 switches at a fixed 1MHz frequency whereas the LTC3621-2 switches at 2.25MHz. Their constant frequency, current-mode architecture minimises switching noise while offering very fast line and load transient response.

Both devices operate from an input voltage range of 2.7V to 17V, making them ideal for single or dual cell Li-Ion applications as well as 12V intermediate bus and automotive systems.

They have a 2mm by 3mm DFN or MSOP-8 package and high switching frequency.

The devices have a 60ns minimum on-time that enables it to step-down 16V inputs to 2.5V with a 2.25MHz switching frequency without pulse skipping, making it ideal for automotive applications that must keep switching noise above the AM radio band.

Also its 3.5µA quiescent current makes it well suited for always-on applications, demanding maximum battery run time. For applications that require the lowest possible noise, these devices can be configured to run in pulse-skipping or forced continuous mode, reducing noise and potential RF interference. Additional features include a power good voltage monitor, internal compensation and thermal protection.

Linear Technology