Somerset Solders Ltd, UK supplier to the Electronics Industry offers a full comprehensive range of ESD products. We are now introducing our new Conductive Storage range from RAACO.

Raaco has developed and manufactured innovative, space-saving storage systems to protect sensitive components from static electricity. Used by OEMs and EMS providers involved in electronic product assembly the Raaco ESD series provides a wealth of functional solutions for all storage needs.

Static electricity can cause latent damage to components resulting in expensive recall costs. The Raaco series offers conductive storage to increase static control enabling the replacement of insulative storage bins commonly used in production areas.

Constructed from carbon fibre based plastic the ESD products do not diminish over time or through extensive use continually fulfilling the requirements of ESD standard EN 61340-5-1.


Products in the Raaco range include:

  • ESD Louvred Wall Panels, an ideal space saver mounting picking bin on the wall which may be removed when required
  • ESD Picking Bin Table Rack, sits perfectly on a work bench to allow easy component picking
  • ESD Cabinets, a simple but effective design, the cabinet may be wall mounted or remain free standing. The variety of drawer sizes and dividers enables small to large parts to be easily stored
  • ESD Toolbox, a compact design that is highly functional and versatile for tool storage within an EPA and its strong construction make it an asset in the workplace

Raaco ESD products are part of the extensive product range available from Somerset Solders Ltd for production static control.

From ESD flooring, ESD benches, ESD Test Stations to personal static control work wear such as ESD Coats and Jackets, ESD polo shirts and ESD Occupational and Safety shoes are all readily available.

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