Spirent Communications has announced the launch of Spirent Elevate Test Framework, an advance in testing wireless and machine-to-machine (M2M) devices and services. Spirent Elevate is a network of resources designed to address the increasingly complex testing challenges and scale demands of the wireless industry. Providing an open test architecture, Elevate disrupts the status quo in test and measurement and delivers a higher level of testing that enables faster time-to-market and improved user experience. 

Michael Thelander, president of Signals Research Group, commented, “It is clear from the industry-wide interest that I’ve seen in the VoLTE testing that we’ve done with Spirent over the last few months that operators are still a long ways away from understanding the performance and interoperability aspects of VoLTE, not to mention IR.92 video telephony and RCS.” He further added, “By bringing the capabilities of Spirent Elevate into a lab environment operators will not have to wait until they have deployed the functionality throughout their network to know if the new service offerings perform to their expectations.”

With the rollout of complex wireless services and the surge in the number of smartphone and M2M devices, legacy test solutions are not able to support the increased complexity and time to market requirements. Services such as VoLTE (Voice-over-LTE) and RCS (Rich Communication Services) are exposing entirely new interoperability issues with commercial devices on live networks. The ability to evaluate device, service and user experience performance earlier on in the lab and generate meaningful analytics that can be shared across global development teams has become a necessity. 

“To introduce disruptive innovation into an industry that is rapidly changing and evolving is a fairly tall order, requiring extensive expertise, leadership and customer savvy,” said Rob VanBrunt, general manager of Spirent’s Wireless business. “Elevate is the culmination of years of testing experience and strategic acquisitions which positions Spirent strongly to more fully serve a broader wireless ecosystem. We believe that the Elevate Test Framework will enable a faster development cycle and deliver a higher-quality user experience to the wireless industry and evolving M2M markets.”

Spirent Elevate breaks the “box” testing model by separating hardware from software, making use of virtualisation and organising test elements and resources into an open architecture.  The framework encompasses instrumentation, emulated and live services, an open API, automated and interactive testing, analytics that cross all phases of wireless device development, and shareable test results for comprehensive collaboration.