At this year’s PCIM trade fair Infineon Technologies will present for the first time the single channel gate driver of the latest EiceDRIVER product family, developed especially for high-end systems in the industrial sector. The type 1EDS20I12SV EiceDRIVER Safe driver component features the first Slew Rate Control (“SRC”) adjustable in real-time at the IGBT. The secure electric isolation of the 1EDS-SRC EiceDRIVER Safe complies with the strict specifications of VDE 0884-10 and has specially developed short-circuit protection functions. The driver component presented thus offers a wide application range and high system efficiency in applications with isolation voltages as high as 1200V.
The Slew Rate Control lets developers choose from among a total of eleven collector emitter voltages at turn-on. Depending on design requirements, this means the switching speed of the IGBTs and the EMI behavior can be varied flexibly during operations. Fast IGBT turn-on enables high switching frequencies. On the other hand, slow turn-on reduces electromagnetic interference (EMI) and voltage peaks by reflection at the motor. This means a reduced burden on isolations and increased motor service life, and thus lower overall system costs for the customer.
The improved switching behavior lets developers use smaller dv/dt filters or even eliminate them completely in application design, also cutting overall system costs. Compared to conventional driver components without Slew Rate Control, the 1EDS-SRC EiceDRIVER Safe saves approximately 30 percent of turn-on loss reduction. The new driver IC presented achieves this performance for the first time among driver components with secure electric insulation.
In addition, several protective functions prevent overload and damage to the system at turn-off. The basic configuration includes both UVLO (under voltage lockout) and optionally available automatic turn-off in case of a short circuit. The short circuit itself can be detected in two different ways: By monitoring collector emitter voltage (desaturation detection) or by detecting voltage drop at a current-sensing resistor.
In both cases the 1EDS-SRC EiceDRIVER Safe realises a soft off, i.e. turn-off is slower in case of an error. The voltage drop in case of failure can be controlled even more precisely using the TLTO (two-level turn-off), already familiar from other EiceDRIVER components. The 1EDS-SRC EiceDRIVERSafe offers optimum control of short circuits in three-level inverters in particular, since the automatic short-circuit turn-off can be deactivated for the driver IC.
“The 1EDS-SRC EiceDRIVER Safe adds a powerful, reliable and flexible component for complex and sensitive industrial high-voltage applications to our portfolio of driver ICs,” says Dr. Oliver Hellmund, responsible at Infineon for worldwide marketing of the EiceDRIVER. “The 1EDS-SRC EiceDRIVER Safe is the only high-voltage power semiconductor on the market which lets the customer configure the slew rate of the gate voltage in real-time and depending on specified individual system requirements. This is Infineon’s answer to growing demand for design flexibility and security in the high-end sector of industrial production technologies.”
The gate driver IC 1EDS-SRC is the latest addition to the EiceDRIVER Safe product class for industrial applications, already featuring a gate driver board with isolation voltage of 1700V and secure electrical insulation (here: EN 50178 / IEC 61800-5-1). The new driver was developed for industrial applications with isolation voltages as high as 1200V in current classes of up to 900A. The 1EDS-SRC EiceDRIVER Safe delivers optimum results in connection with the EconoDUAL 3 from Infineon. Samples of the 1EDS-SRC EiceDRIVER Safe are available starting now, with production planned to start in September 2014.
The EiceDRIVER family also includes the product classes EiceDRIVER Compact and EiceDRIVER Enhanced with functional and basis-isolated components for mass markets in the consumer and industry sectors. Further information on the entire driver IC family is available
Infineon will be presenting the 1EDS-SRC EiceDRIVER Safe, as well as other components of the family, at booth 311 in hall 9 at the PCIM trade fair in Nuremberg from May 20th to 22nd, 2014. Further information on trade fair highlights is available at: