A new NVM Express PCIe solid state drive has been released by Samsung Electronics Co. aimed at the high-end enterprise storage market.

 Claimed as an industry first, the very swish high-speed 1.6TB NVMe SSD provides a sequential read speed at 3,000MB/s, which allows it to process an impressive 500GB of data, which the company claims is equivalent to no less than 100 Full HD movies at 5GB in length in less than 3 minutes.

Interestingly, the company advises that when compared to other products with similar specifications, the new SSD is some 14 times faster than a high-end enterprise HDD for server use, and six times faster than its former high-end enterprise SSD storage.

The XS1715’s random read performance is capable of reaching up to 740,000 IOPS (Input Output Operations Per Second), which is claimed t o be more than 10 times as fast as existing high-end SSD options.

The new SSD comes in 400GB, 800GB and 1.6TB (terabyte) versions. It can also be found on the NVMe Integrators List (IL), which the company advises makes it an ideal option for data center and server storage customers. The company claims, system performance can be improved dramatically by upgrading to the NVMe SSD XS1715 from a 2.5-inch HDD or a 2.5-inch SATA SSD.

 Samsung is anticipating development of a variety of NVMe SSD products with increasingly high performance levels.

The company is currently seeking to strengthen its green tech initiatives to help customers gain the most efficiency through by using its low-power (green) NVMe SSDs.

Samsung Electronics Co.