The new mixed signal option at a glance

I Modular form factor, can be inserted into any R&S RTO family oscilloscope to provide 16 digital channels.
I 5GS/s with a time resolution of 200ps.
I Record depth upto 200M/pts per digital channel.
I Input frequency is 400MHz at a minimum signal deviation of 500mV.
I Up to 200,000 visualized waveforms per second are acquired over analog and digital channels.
I The measured input impedance of the probes is 100K Ohm ¦4pF
I Input threshold values can be set in the range of ±8V at 25mV intervals
I Threshold hysteresis can be set to one of three levels to suppress noise influences.

Give me a call on 01252 818881 or email me at and I’II arrange to send you one of our new RTO Oscilloscopes free of charge for 5 days. This will be fully supported by a dedicated engineering team to help you get the best from its leading feature set.

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