A range of DC switch disconnectors and string boxes for photovoltaic (PV) applications is now available from Switchtec. For use in renewable energy applications, the Telergon switches’ main area of use is when isolating the DC supply from a photovoltaic array. These switches are used as the main on/off switch or isolating switch for DC applications.

The switches are usually deployed before an inverter, which converts the generated voltage from DC to AC. Important users and application areas for the switches are PV Installers, PV kitters, PV arrays, DC switching applications, and panel builders. The DCN switches in the range are 2 pole switches rated 16, 25, 32, 65, and 200A, and rated to switch 1000VDC. All handles are door Interlocked, thus for safety, enclosure doors cannot be opened with the switch in the on position.