Specially designed for control devices, Balluff power supplies are easily integrated into your control package and offer the safety of power surge protection.

The PS series is available in a wide range of 24V models with single or 3-phase input.  Output current ranges from 0.75 A (18 W) to 40 A (960 W), a size for most applications. If you need even more power, simply connect multiple power supplies together in parallel. 

Other features include built-in advanced overload and overvoltage protection, load regulation to +/- one per cent, ripple/noise of less than 50mV on most models and adjustable outputs to compensate for differences in specific control needs.  The mean time between failure is specified over 210,000 hours (24 years) while operating at published specifications. All power supplies hold worldwide approvals for use anywhere.

All models are din-rail mountable and simple to install. Recessed input and output screw terminals give protection from accidental contact.

The range also includes 12 volt and 48 volt models.

Balluff power supplies – the powerful solution for fault-free operation of your system

To find out more contact the Balluff office on 0161 282 4700 or visit the website www.balluff.co.uk