Whether you are looking for Projected Capacitive Touch Screens, or TFT LCD Modules with PCT capability, Pacer International offers an extensive range of solutions.

DMC’s latest Projected Capacitive Touch Panels are available in a range of standard sizes up to 22′ wide.  They feature transparent electrodes – ie no visible wires – to maximise optical performance, and support  two simultaneous touches, requiring only the lightest touch to operate.

With a plain glass face, these panels are extremely resistant to abrasion and ultraviolet light damage. The touch can be operated through thin gloves or a cover glass for additional protection, allowing seamless integration into product housings. The DMC panels are particularly appropriate for Industrial and Medical applications where high IP ratings are required for aggressive cleaning.

A new custom 4.7′ WVGA TFT LCD module from Pacer features an integrated multi touch projected capacitive touchscreen with a protective screen on it. The viewing angle of 60° all round makes both portrait mode and landscape mode viable.

The PTM-014 is a 24-bit RGB interface TFT LCD module, with contrast ratio of 550:1 and an LED Backlight at brightness of 230cd/m2 from the surface of the screen. The Custom Projected Capacitive Touchscreen interface is I2C. The module has a low LCD input voltage of 3.3V, and a single 45 FPC pin connection will drive the TFT Interface, LED backlight power, and the I2C interface of the touchscreen.

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