To support the demand for profiled LED backlighting technology OMC has invested in new equipment at its Cornwall manufacturing centre.

Profiled backlights make it financially viable for designers requiring displays for mid and low volume applications to be able to specify a full-custom display – both in colour and shape – as set up charges are minimal and MOQs are very low.

 William Heath OMC’s Commercial Director said: “We have seen an upturn in demand for our backlights from sectors including handheld instrumentation, POS and general industrial applications where the customer has seen the benefit of having a unique brand identity which is only achievable using a custom display. Therefore we have invested in new, bespoke plant and machinery – this has increased our capacity by 50 percent.”

Profiled backlight technology is often the only economic option for production volumes under 10,000 pieces. The technology ensures that very consistent illumination is provided across the entire display. Uniquely, they can feature single or dual chip LEDs depending on power output availability and requirements, and they are available in a range of single colours including blue and white as well as full RGB.