The PowerTwo Power Elements with press-fit technology made by Würth Elektronik are a favourable advantage to soldering technology. The high-current contacts are now available in the new Original Power Elements Online Shop.

The two-part power elements are a patented solution from Würth Elektronik ICS for screw-type technologies on circuit boards; these allow for a stable connection and mounting on the circuit board without putting it under any additional stress. They are ideal for connecting fuses, IGBTs, circuit breakers and cables to the circuit board or as a connecting component from one circuit board to another.

PowerTwo Power Elements are not soldered, but rather press-fitted. As a result of this, PCBs can even be used at extremely high temperatures; the production process is simple and also represents a cost-effective alternative.

Subject to the pin arrangement of the Power Elements and the PCB layout, currents of up to 500 amperes can be achieved. With just 100 – 200 micro-ohms, the two-piece PowerTwo high-current elements have an extremely low contact resistance, meaning that the main limiting factor is usually caused by the circuit board layout or the connection of external supply cables. There are eight basic versions of the PowerTwo Power Elements available (M 2.5 – M 12) and, in addition, the product range also includes a multitude of client-specific solutions.

The entire range of Würth Elektronik ICS high-current components is now available from the new Original Power Element Online Shop at First-time buyers will receive a 10% discount on their order.