Fibre Optic sensing offers many solutions for detection of products in a variety of applications and environments. Sensing heads are of a compact design and offer diffuse and thru beam type sensing solutions in a variety of housing shapes. The amplifiers used for the detection of the target can be mounted some distance from the actual sensing area.

Panasonic have introduced a range of oil and chemical resistant fibres for use with their FX500 and FX100 series Fibre Amplifiers. The FT-R60Y is a Thru-beam type sensing head manufactured from SU304 stainless steel offering IP68G protection, ideal for applications like metal processing where the presence of cutting oils are present.

Another model for use in the semi-conductor industry is the FD-S60Y. Manufactured from a metal free fluorine resin and again offering IP68G protection this reflective type sensing head offers a long range sensing (up to 600mm) with a narrow view for improved accuracy.

To compliment these products Panasonic offer a number of fibre amplifier solutions ranging from the cost effective FX100 series to the FX500 series with dual outputs and optional analogue output. These amplifiers have a touch to teach set up facility and are fully programmable with several features including light on/dark on detection, interference prevention and threshold tracking to name a few.