Agilent Technologies has announced that the Modelithics COMPLETE Library of RF and microwave component model libraries is available free of charge for six months to Genesys 2014 users new to Modelithics.

First made available to Genesys users in 2003, the Modelithics COMPLETE Library contains over 10,000 RF/microwave components with accurate nonlinear models for active devices and highly scalable linear models for passive component families. Each model is extracted from a standardised set of highly accurate measurements and carefully documented with individual model data sheets to provide designers with exceptional simulation accuracy and design flexibility when using Genesys 2014.

The Modelithics COMPLETE Library contains Global Models that represent entire RLC component families as compact models with layout attributes, pad de-embedding capability, and offer scaling of part-value, substrate type and thickness, and solder pad geometries. These advanced models ensure that correct physical geometries are available to the Genesys Momentum electromagnetic (EM) simulator for designers to achieve the best possible accuracy from circuit-EM co-simulation of the RF board prior to signing off on hardware fabrication.

Using the Modelithics COMPLETE Library, Genesys 2014 users can now design and realise their products faster and easier with accurate models of popular vendor parts. Easily accessible in the Genesys 2014 schematic and layout design environments, the libraries enable designers to compare the performance, size and ease-of-realisation of deploying different vendor parts in their designs so that production-ready circuit or system designs can be finalised in a single pass.

“Accurate models are critical to achieving excellent simulation-based design success,” said Larry Dunleavy, president of Modelithics. “In recognition of this need, we are pleased to work with Agilent to make our Modelithics COMPLETE Library available to those Genesys users who have yet to experience the difference our accurate models can make in improving design success and productivity while using Agilent Genesys.”

“Our Genesys 2014 customers will definitely appreciate the availability of the Modelithics COMPLETE Library, especially given the quality of their models,” said How-Siang Yap, product planning and marketing manager for Agilent’s Genesys software. “Over the years, RF designers worldwide have voiced their desire for access to these models.”