Southern Electronics 2012

A new silicone resin range will be demonstrated by Electrolube along with a line of ‘green’ products.

The new SC range of silicone products will be a main feature for the company at the show. Developed for the needs of the LED industry, the silicone resin SC3001 was only available in China and Australia until recently, where it has grown to become one of the company’s most successful silicone products. 

The solution is a two-part encapsulation compound that has been designed to be optically clear and flexible. This makes it ideal for the LED industry where optical clarity is vital.

The ‘2000’ silicone resin series includes SC2001, a general potting and encapsulating compound, SC2001FD a fast cure compound and SC2003 a thixotropic compound. All have high continuous operating temperatures, making them a suitable barrier against a number of extreme conditions and environments.

In advance of December’s new REACH regulations restricting the supply of dichloromethane-based paint and coating stripping products, the company’s Chemists extended their family of solvent cleaners by developing ‘greener’ solvent formulations that adhere with the latest legislations. The new Resin Remover Solvent (RRS) and Conformal Coating Remover Gel (CCRG) will be featured at the show and provides safer solvent blends that offer highly effective results without the use of dichloromethane.

RRS has been designed to swell, soften, and even dissolve epoxy and polyurethane resins. CCRG has been specially formulated to remove Electrolube’s solvent resistant coatings (including DCA, DCB and DCR, amongst others).

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