Semikron, has introduced its sixth-generation Semipack 1.6 range of thyristor, diode and thyristor/diode modules.

The new range now features important design additions such as spring pressure contacts, so that chips can be freely positioned on the substrate and additional internal connections are no longer needed, improving reliability.

Heat management in the electronic packaging concept has been optimised, resulting in the elimination of materials and solder layers and a clear reduction in thermal resistance. This means that the maximum continuous current of the modules is greater than in the previous ­generation of devices.

The modules are mechanically interchangeable with the earlier 1.5 units. The improved thermal distribution that results in part from the removal of solder layers has allowed a significant reduction in the copper baseplate area, reducing weight and cost.

Target applications for the modules include input rectifiers (single-phase, three-phase, non-controlled, semi-controlled or fully-controlled) for frequency inverters or UPS systems and lighting control systems.