An extended range of power conversion devices from the TRACOPOWER series is now available from RS Components.

The TMPM 04 series of 4-watt AC/DC power supplies comprises single and dual output models with universal input. The devices are supplied in a compact (36.5 by 27.0 by 17.1mm), fully encapsulated casing. They are designed for PCB mount and are ideal for powering standby circuits and other low power applications that require high efficiency.

The TSRN-1 series of ampere non-isolated step-down switching regulators provides ultra wide input ranges up to 42VDC. Available in two versions, the through-hole version (TSRN-1) provides a fixed output voltage from 1.5 up to 15VDC, with the SMD version (TSRN-1SM) offering adjustable output ranging from 1.2 up to 15 VDC.

A selection of design features such as high efficiency, low standby power consumption and remote On/Off function (for the SMD version) makes these regulators ideal for energy sensitive applications.

The TMR-6 series of isolated 6-watt DC/DC converters offers high power density in an ultra-compact SIP-8 plastic package. These new modules provide regulated output and feature wide 2:1 input voltage ranges.

The TEN 6N and TEN 6WIN are new releases of standard 6-watt DC/DC converters and come supplied in a DIP-24 package. Both the TEN 6N series with 2:1 input voltage range and the TEN-6WIN series with 4:1 input voltage range offer easy design-in features including minimum load requirement, overload protection, internal filter for EN55022 class A and high efficiency.

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