A credit card sized rechargeable battery  was launched by Accutronics. The new smart batteries are ideal for high-tech portable applications including tele-healthcare devices, test and measurement equipment and for wearable computer devices.

The CC2300 and CC3800 credit card batteries have been developed in response to OEM demand for a short lead time, compact and rechargeable Lithium Ion battery solution for portable devices.

The products feature 3.7V Lithium ion cell technology coupled with an impedance tracking fuel gauge, an active protection system, and a compact connector, all contained in a package with a footprint identical to that of a credit card.

Regulatory approval is simplified as both batteries are CE marked and have been tested to IEC62133 (safety) and UN38.3 (transportation) standard.

Both batteries are supplied with comprehensive technical back-up and a number of useful accessories, which enable the OEM designer to easily integrate the battery into the device system.