A new 3A constant-current LED driver IC   has been released by Allegro MicroSystems Europe. The company’s A6213 is said to meet AEC-Q100 automotive ­qualification and operates over a wide input voltage range from 6 to 48V.

This device is a DC-DC buck switching regulator that has a constant-current output of up to 3A for driving high-power LEDs. It integrates a high-side, N-channel, MOSFET switch, and ­includes a range of fault protection features.

A true average LED drive current is output using a cycle-by-cycle ­controlled ‘on’ time method. The LED drive current is user-configurable using an external current sense resistor.

The output voltage automatically ­adjusts to optimise constant-current supply to a wide variety of LED array configurations including multiple LEDs in series. Series LEDs can be configured in a single string or parallel strings using a balancing resistor.

LED dimming is accomplished via a direct logic input pulse-width-modulation (PWM) signal such as an automotive courtesy signal. PWM dimming means signals can range from logic level (1.8V) to the input voltage level.

Allegro MicroSystems Europe