IAR Systems has introduced the first device in a new portfolio of integrated in-circuit debugging probes. The I-jet integrates seamlessly into the company’s Embedded Workbench IDE to improve system debugging.

It offers support for microcontrollers based on ARM7b, ARM9b, ARM11b, ARMB. Cortexb-M, ARM Cortex-R4, and ARM Cortex-A5/A8/A9 cores.

The solution offers automatic core recognition, and direct download into the flash memory of most popular microcontrollers. It has the capability of measuring target power consumption with a high degree of accuracy.

The platform offers download speeds of up to 1MB per second, JTAG and Serial Wire Debug (SWD) clocking at up to 35MHz, and Serial Wire Output (SWO) frequencies of up to 100MHz.

It can supply the target boards with power and is entirely powered by USB. The Serial Wire Viewer (SWV) is supported using the UART and Manchester encoding modes. B Embedded Trace Buffer (ETB) and JTAG adaptive clocking are supported and all JTAG signals can be monitored.

The new in-circuit debugging probe will be available in April, and is delivered with access to the company’s Systemsb.

This launch is the first in a series of new integrated in-circuit debugging probes, targeted for simplified, seamless, and more flexible development workflows.

IAR Systems