A new development in diecast ¬aluminium enclosures is ¬enabling simplification to customisation -requirements. Previously, ¬industry standard diecast enclosures would ¬require additional machining -and ¬reworking in order to mount ¬electronic or electrical components such as keypads, and ¬accessories such as hinges, locks wall brackets, etc.

¬However a new series from Rolec includes these features as standard. For example, it is not necessary to ¬machine the lid section to fit a membrane keypad or product label, as a 2mm ¬recess is already provided. Also lid ¬retaining straps are included to avoid the need to fit ¬external hinges. However, should hinges be required, standard models ¬¬¬¬pre-fitted with ¬integrated hinges are available. ¬External mounting brackets are no longer ¬required as the enclosures can be mounted on a wall or machine while still ¬assembled. There is no need to remove the lid, thus ¬avoiding any possible damage to the components or sealing gasket. The ¬¬clip-on trims are simply snapped into place after the unit is mounted. As a result, ¬design ¬engineers only have to specify the ¬machining and ¬finishing required for their specific electronic ¬components.