QuickLogic Corporation has developed its Customer Use Board (CUB) System for evaluation and validation of ArcticLink III VX and BX devices in customer platforms.  This system is targeted towards smartphone and tablet system architects who require easy prototyping and testing platforms to accelerate their design efforts.

The company advises the CUB system supports all silicon variants of the ArcticLink III VX and BX families, which include RGB or MIPI-DSI inputs, and RGB, MIPI-DSI, and/or LVDS outputs.  It allows designers to easily insert known-good boards into their prototype systems.  Once the CUB system is integrated into the display path, designers can evaluate the Visual Enhancement Engine’s (VEE’s) impact and measure the Display Power Optimizer’s (DPO’s) power savings. 

Creation of quick-turn daughter cards for direct connection to processor boards or displays is enabled bythe system. Connections may also be made through ‘blue-wiring’ to provided connector points.   

QuickLogic Corporation