A new book that focuses on analogue circuit design has been released by Linear Technology.  The book includes new application notes on power management, data conversion and signal conditioning circuit solutions, and an extensive circuit collection of reference designs. 

The content is based on the research and writing of analogue design experts Bob Dobkin and the late Jim Williams, as well as industry experts Carl Nelson and Bob Widlar.

The book, entitled ‘Analogue Circuit Design, Volume 2, Immersion in the Black Art of Analog Design’ is an in-depth source book of circuit design solutions that equips engineers with practical design techniques, focuing on common analogue challenges.

The full support package includes online resources such as data sheets, design notes and LTspice design simulation software tools from the company.

Analogue Circuit Design, Volume II Analogue Circuit Design, Volume I

ISBN: 9780123978882  ISBN: 9780123851857

Linear Technology