A new ARM Cortex-A50 processor series has been announced by ARM based on the company’s ARMv8 architecture. The devices integrate new, energy-efficient 64-bit processing technology, as well as extending existing 32-bit processing capability.

The scalability enables development of system-on-chips (SoCs) for a wide variety of applications from smartphones to high-performance servers.

The processors are said to deliver up to three times the performance of current superphones and can improve the experience of entry-level smartphones. Both processors are fully compatible with the company’s existing 32-bit ecosystem.

The Cortex-A57 is claimed by the company to be its most advanced high-performance applications processor, while the Cortex-A53 is its most power-efficient ARM application processor.

They can operate independently or can be combined into an ARM big.Little processor configuration, that mixes high performance with power efficiency.

Users can scale SoC platforms from single – and multi-core big.Little mobile solutions to massively parallel enterprise solutions for flexibility and energy-efficiency.

The processors target multi-GHz performance on advanced CMOS and FinFET processes technologies, which are supported by early availability of ARM Artisan Physical IP and ARM POP IP for core-hardening acceleration.

The capabilities of this processor series allow transition from a 32-bit to a 64-bit execution state.