A new low power DC/DC step-down converter has been released by Texas Instruments Incorporated, that is said to increase the amount of harvested energy for end applications by some 70 percent.

The ultra-low power circuit enables battery-free power to applications, such as wireless sensor networks, monitoring systems, smoke detectors, wearable medical devices and mobile accessories.

The company’s TPS62736 DC/DC converter is described as having high power conversion efficiency from 10uA to 50mA output currents, and consumes 350nA of active current and 20nA during standby.

The converter is said to be able to achieve in excess of 90-percent efficiency across output currents higher than 15uA. The regulator steps down the voltage from a power source, such as a thin-film or regular battery or a super capacitor and features a programmable output voltage.

Texas Instruments Incorporated