A new family of 8-channel LED drivers have been developed by Atmel Corporation with an integrated boost controller. This enables the devices to deliver full power management with the company’s Efficiency Optimizer (EO) to enhance power efficiency for LCD backlighting applications.

The company’s MSL3080/86/88 LED drivers are ideal for industrial LCD backlighting applications such as instrumentation, medical, avionics, military, kiosk, automotive and rugged displays.

They also feature proprietary control scheme and a robust design that is claimed to deliver more than 92 percent power efficiency for up to 20W LED backlit LCD displays.

If the devices are combined with the company’s AVR microcontrollers (MCUs), the LED drivers are capable of delivering great flexibility, comprehensive fault and system monitoring as well as over 5000:1 PWM dimming range for the most demanding applications.

The devices feature automatic string phasing that enables low electromagnetic interference (EMI) and eliminates audible noise. They offer video sync input for applications that require  synchronisation with LCD refresh, such as small televisions and monitors eliminating artefacts such as waterfall noise and ghosting effects.

Atmel Corporation