Create a power system that fits your unique needs

Whether you are an R&D engineer under time pressure or a manufacturing test engineer trying to cut costs or increase throughput, there is a N6700 mainframe and set of DC power modules that will suit your needs. The family includes 4 mainframes and over 30 DC power modules.

Choose from 4 mainframes: 3 for automated test systems, 1 for the R&D bench

The N6700 MPS family has two categories of mainframes to choose from: low-profile and DC power analyzer. The environment that the power system will be used in will dictate the choice between the two categories of mainframes. If it is an automated-test environment (ATE), the low-profile mainframes should be used. If it is an R&D bench environment, the DC power analyzer mainframe should be used.

Each of the mainframes provides features that are tuned to the environment they are used in


Low-Profile Module Power

System Mainframes

• Ideal for ATE systems in R&D, design validation, and manufacturing

• Small size: up to 4 outputs in 1U of rack space

• Fast command processing times to improve throughput


DC Power Analyzer


• Ideal for R&D testing and design validation

• Designed for R&D: large display, control knobs, all functions available from front panel—no programming required

• Integrated instrument: Combines from 1 to 4 DC power supplies with DMM, oscilloscope, arbitrary waveform generator, and data logger capabilities

• Eliminates need to gather and configure multiple instruments


DC Power Modules

• Use modules in any of the N6700 mainframes

• Flexible, modular system: four tiers of module performance—mix and match power and performance levels to optimize the system for your unique needs

• High-end modules for critical test requirements

• Basic modules for general DC power requirements

• Source and measure DC voltage and current into your device under test

• Connect via GPIB, LAN, or USB

• Fully compliant to LXI Class C specification


N6700 Low-Profile MPS Mainframes (N6700B, N6701A, N6702A)

For automated test system environments

Key Features

• Designed for automated test environments

• Three 1U high (1.75” / 44 mm) mainframes fit easily into a test rack

• From 1 to 4 DC power modules per mainframe

• Choose from any of the over 30 DC power modules (see pages 6-11)

• Fast output response times (module dependent) and fast command processing (<1 ms) for high throughput

• Advanced features: output sequencing, flexible triggering and digital I/O, LIST mode for user-defined arbitrary waveforms up to 512 points (module dependent)

• GPIB, USB and LAN (LXI Class-C compliant) standard on all models


N6705B DC Power Analyzer Mainframe and 14585A Control & Analysis Software

Key Features

• Designed for R&D

• No programming required, all functionality available via front panel controls

• 14585A software enhances control even further

• From 1 to 4 DC power supplies, plus DMM, scope-like display, data logger, and arbitrary waveform generator all in one instrument

• Choose from any of the over 30 DC Power modules (see pages 6-11)

• Advanced features: output sequencing, flexible triggering and digital I/O, constant-dwell arb mode for user-defined arbitrary waveforms up to 64k points


14585A Control and Analysis Software

Enhances the bench-top experience

Key Features

• Compliments the N6705A/B DC power analyzer’s front panel controls.

• Control and analyze data from up to four N6705A/B DC power analyzer mainframes and any installed modules at once – that’s up to 16 power supplies simultaneously.

• Easily create complex waveforms to stimulate or load down a

DUT by inputting a formula, choosing from built-in, or importing waveform data.

• Enhanced control and analysis of data with familiar PC controls and large display.

• Data log measurements directly to a PC.


Choose from over 30 DC power modules with different power and performance levels

After choosing the mainframe based on your environment, there are over 30 DC power modules to choose from. Each of these modules has been designed for different applications, from basic to advanced. The N6700 family offers five categories of modules: basic, high-performance, precision, applications specific, and source/measure unit. The modules can be used in any of the four mainframes in any combination.

Basic DC Power Modules: N673xB, N674xB, N677xA

For basic DC applications

The Agilent N6730, N6740 and N6770 series of DC power modules provide programmable voltage and current, measurement and protection features at a very economical price. There are 17 models to choose from offering up to 150 V, up to 20 A, and up to 300 W. In ATE, these modules are suitable to power the DUT or to provide power for ATE system resources such as fixture control. In R&D,they are suitable for tasks such as DC biasing. Option 054*, high-speed test extensions, enables the built-in digitizer for scope-like measurements and LIST mode for arbitrary waveforms.

High-Performance, Auto-Ranging DC Power Modules: N675xA

For applications where the power supply plays a critical role

The Agilent N6750 series of high-performance, autoranging DC power modules provides low noise, high accuracy and programming speeds that are up to 10 to 50 times faster than other programmable power supplies.

In addition, high-speed test extensions (option 054*) offers an oscilloscope-like digitizer that simplifies system configuration and increases measurement accuracy when viewing high-speed transient or pulse events within the device-under-test (DUT). In addition, auto-ranging output capabilities enable one power supply to do the job of several traditional power supplies.