Mouser Electronics is now stocking the AMR Magnetic Switch Sensors from Murata. Considered more reliable and robust than Hall Effect IC’s or reed switches, Murata’s AMR (Anisotropic Magneto Resistance) Magnetic Switch Sensors contain no mechanical components, and have higher detection sensitivity and a wider detection area than their competitive counterparts. Available in both high and low sensitivities, these sensors are targeted for open/close mobile devices, but are also very adaptable to a wide variety of applications by offering designers the flexibility and advantage of horizontal magnetic field sensing.

The Murata AMR Magnetic Switch Sensors, available from Mouser Electronics, integrate four AMR elements and a CMOS IC circuit. Offering high sensitivity, a narrow sensitivity spec range for more accurate sensing, and reliable performance in different operating conditions, these sensors provide Omni polar operation, low power consumption (1.6µA/1.8V) and operate at a maximum temperature of up to 105°C.

These sensors are ideal for open/close applications such as mobile phones and notebook PCs, and are also well-suited for consumer white goods, industrial and security equipment. The Murata AMR Magnetic Switch Sensors offer a wide range of sensitivities, including standard (1.5mT), high (0.5mT) and low (3.0mT), and are designed with a bipolar detection type (N-pole or S-pole).

The Murata AMR Magnetic Switch Sensors are available in a variety of package options, including SOT23 and SON4. To adapt to the demands for thinner, high technology devices and applications, there is also ultra-small (1.0 mm x 0.9 mm x 0.5 mm) and ultra-low height (1.00 mm x 1.60 mm x 0.37 mm) package options.