A new family of 32-bit MCUs were presented by Freescale Semiconductor. The devices are targeted for medical and industrial applications.

The K50 MCU family offers multiple connectivity options for continuous monitoring and an integrated measurement engine for reliable processing of analogue signals for applications such as portable medical devices, signal instrumentation and industrial test and measurement equipment.

The devices’ enhanced monitoring and measurement capabilities are particularly important for the medical market, as medical devices move to portable formats. The family is able to reduce development time and increase functionality, all the while operating with extremely low power, so medical designers can quickly adapt to market trends and provide the portable, connected devices end users expect.

The family also can be leveraged as part of the company’s modular Tower Development System, which can save months of development time through rapid prototyping and tool reuse.

The integrated measurement engine in the family, allows reliable processing of external analogue signals and eliminates the need for costly additional components, reducing developmental costs. On-chip signal processing is made possible with the integration of operational and transimpedance amplifiers, as well as a high-speed 16-bit analogue-to-digital converter that converts and acquires the signal for accurate and timely results.

The device offers multiple monitoring interfaces on chip, including Ethernet, an integrated low-power LCD controller and a capacitive touch-sensing module.