The Waste2O bio-digester is a safe and environmentally friendly food waste management system for commercial food service operators. Designed and manufactured by Mechline Developments Ltd in Milton Keynes, the innovative machine processes up to 180 kg of soft, organic food waste and in 24 hours reduces it to waste water that is completely suitable for disposal using normal drains and sewers. To reliably ensure the correct fill level of this automatic and easy to use machine, Mechline use a Measurement Specialities LS403 series horizontal side entry level sensor – and they insist that it is supplied by Variohm EuroSensor.

Variohm has represented the global sensor manufacturer Measurement Specialities Group for several years for temperature, pressure as well as level, flow and position sensors. Variohm EuroSensor’s principle of working closely with its suppliers and customers to develop optimum solutions came to the fore with Mechline who required that the Waste2O needed to pass the rigorous safety requirements of TUV and Intertek product testing for European and American standards. Thanks, in part, to the LS403 series level sensor, the machine is the first appliance of its kind to gain both WRc and WRAS approval.

Mechline Developments certainly appreciate the support Variohm provided them during the development phase of the machine and now into production. “It’s an important part of Mechline’s Waste2O food waste bio-digester for the machine to ensure the correct fill level at all times.  Without it, we would not be able to provide a critical function to the end user that makes our machine an operationally easy piece of equipment.  And we firmly believe that when something is easy and reliable, the task gets done,” says Peter Sage-Passant, Mechline’s Managing Director and Head of Product Development.

As an in-vessel bio-digester, the Waste2O was uses a powerful biological formulation to digest soft, organic food waste leaving nothing but waste water that gets sent to drain. The easy, safe and environmentally friendly food waste solution helps businesses to divert food waste from landfill.

Variohm’s line of liquid level sensors covers a wide choice of installation configurations for float and broken finger types in choice of materials and temperature ratings to 130ºC. Top, bottom and side entry versions are available to suit use in water, chemicals, fuels, oils and organic solvents and more. Many models include UL and WRAS (Water Regulations Advisory Scheme, UK) approvals. Switching of simple on/off output with SPST and SPDT contact forms covers typical AC and DC voltage ranges with switching power up to 70 watts.

For Mechline, the Waste2O represents its philosophy of continuous improvement and desire to have every increment in the engineering process to be the best it can be – and this contributes to the high regard they are held with industry peers and customers. Sage-Passant continues, “Our equipment is considered to be market leading and top of its class, and we pursue accreditations and approvals to raise the bar in our industry.  Our objective to be best-in-class would not be achievable without supplier partners like Variohm EuroSensor.” Further details of the Waste2O can be found at