AVX Corporation is ramping up its portfolio of tantalum polymer capacitors with a whole host of new devices. So far, a range of 34 new tantalum solid electrolytic chip capacitors with conductive polymer electrodes or multianodes have been released by the company since May 2013, which expanded its portfolio to more than 50 parts. This line up includes one of the highest voltage tantalum polymer capacitors in the industry at 125V and one of the highest CV tantalum polymer capacitors currently available in a 0603 case size.

Adding to this lot, an additional 32 components are scheduled for release by the end of this year, at which point the company advises its portfolio will have grown to include more than 80 individual devices.

These tantalum polymer capacitors are available in voltages spanning 2.5V to an a significant 125V and in case sizes ranging from the miniature 0603 to the large, but low-profile 7343-20 and 7361-20. Featuring conductive polymer electrodes or multianodes, which reduce ignition failure modes, these ranges of tantalum polymer capacitors offer high capacitance, high voltage, and low ESR capabilities. Ideal include consumer applications – such as smartphones, portable gaming devices, MP3 players, and tablet PCs – to high voltage applications, such as: telecommunications equipment, base stations, switching hubs, router and line filters, and DC/DC converters in LED TVs and notebook computer power supplies.

Expanding our portfolio of tantalum polymer capacitors to include a broader range of voltage, capacitance, and case size options allows us to provide design engineers with a great deal more design flexibility,” said Allen Mayar, Product Marketing Manager at AVX.

“For example, higher voltage, low ESR components allow designers to reduce the number of components on the board, which increases layout flexibility and subsequently enables smaller, sleeker, and more compact products, which are in high demand across a number of industries.”

AVX Corporation