A new series of low profile, short-travel, LED Illuminated TACT switches has been developed by Foremost Electronics. The 3006 TACT switch series offers users a tactile “feel” using Haptic technology. This is a tactile feedback technology that takes advantage of the user’s sense of touch to provide reassuring or relevant feedback on operation of the switch.

Common uses of Haptics are arcade games and home games consoles and controllers, frequently taking the form of vibration or force-feedback in joysticks and controllers.

The key to the advanced design of the devices is a damped snap action disc, a mixture of switching mat and snap action disc, which allows very flat control elements with a fine tactile response and a clear user feedback signal with minimum travel. The design of the LED illumination makes backlit symbols (pictograms) visible even at night.

The switches have a low profile of 3.95mm while still providing a 1.1mm actuator travel and are SMD mountable switches with integrated LED illumination and damping and dust protection to IP50. The contacts are single pole, normally closed and 5 colours of LED are available as standard. Other colours and non-illuminated versions are available on request.