MMS Electronics Ltd (MMS-e) introduced a small 128×64 pixel intelligent display. The EA eDIP128-6 is available in Blue-and-White and Black-and-White (FSTN). The displays come with 8 integrated fonts. More True-type fonts can simply be imported with the free LCD software tools. The display Interface is serial, SPI or I²C and by using a level converter USB, RS-232 and RS-485 is easy added. More then 112 embedded graphic commands are available. Drawing lines and boxes, bargraph, portrait and landscape mode, 90º rotation, zoom, pull down menus, bitmaps, font selection and commands for the analogue integrated touch–screen reduce development time significantly. View area is 64×35 mm. +3.3V or +5V supply. 8 extra  programmable inputs and outputs. The serial interface, integrated touch-screen and onboard memory greatly reduce the external hardware and overall system cost. The EA EVAL-eDIP128 development board with LCD software tools and interface board are guaranteed to reduce development time.  A stylish black bezel is available for easy panel mounting.

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