A new release has been added by JTAG Technologies to the company’s free to download JTAG Live platform in the form of the company’s new JTAG Live V1.6 update. This features an automatic chain detect that can interrogate multiple boundary-scan chains to determine the number of components in each plus their manufacturer and type.

According to Peter van den Eijnden, MD of JTAG Technologies: “This is the first time this feature has been included in a generic boundary-scan test platform that can be downloaded and used for no-cost.

“At the launch of JTAG Live Buzz three years ago we announced that it would be ‘Free for Life’ and we’re sticking to that promise.”

The company advises, another requested feature added to this release is multi-language support. As a result users from Japan, Germany, Russia, France, China, Holland and Portugal are said to be able to get up and running in their native language – a prospect that the company feels is bound to improve productivity.

The JTAG Live product family includes free Buzz, plus the optional modules Script (for Python-powered cluster logic testing), AutoBuzz (for automated interconnect comparisons), Clip (interactive test vector generator) and CoreCommander. For all modules only BSDL models of the JTAG/IEEE std 1149.1 compliant parts (available from most manufacturers web-sites) are needed to start using the tool-set.

Supported interfaces currently include Altera’s USB Blaster, Xilinx’s parallel III/IV and USB interfaces, JTAG Technologies’ JT 3705 / USB controller, JTAG Live dedicated USB controller and some FTDI based modules.

JTAG Technologies