A new industrial TFT LCD display introduced by Sharp, is designed for an expanded ambient temperature range from -15° C to 75° C.

It can withstand higher mechanical loads caused by impacts and vibrations with a backlight operation life of 50,000 hours.

The display has a brightness of 800cd/m2 enabled by a strong LED backlight so the display can be easily read even at very bright ambient light.

The brightness can be adapted to changing light conditions. This is important for high brightness displays, because the maximum brightness is normally only required for a short time.

In poor lighting conditions  displays can encounter glare or interfering reflections; the ability to dim displays according to light conditions is extremely beneficial for many applications to address  these issues. This is normally achieved through pulse width modulation, which is controlled by ambient light sensors.

The brilliant image reproduction of the LQ121S1DC71 is based on the SVGA resolution with 800 by 600 pixels and 260,000 colours, high static contrast of 800:1 and the large viewing angle of 160° h/v.

Sharp Microelectronics Europe