A large selection of design ideas for embedded applications were presented by Maxim Integrated Products, Inc. Product highlights in the areas of Green Power/Energy Management and Signal Chain were shown by the company.

Among these were: fully integrated analogue front-end ICs  for G3-Powerline Communications in noisy industrial environments; a space-saving 10W H-bridge transformer driver for isolated power supply designs; a compact energy harvesting solution said to be the first IC to integrate  power-management functions for ambient energy harvesting as well as for charging and protecting micro-energy cells.

The company also presented what it claims as the “industry’s smallest”, full-featured solution supporting connectivity with sensors and actuators using the efficient and future-oriented IO-Link protocol.

The company also introduced an innovative solution in the area of ‘embedded security’ and a DAC that it claims as “the industry’s lowest power” 14 and 16 bit precision DACs, which accept a wide supply voltage range of 2.7V to 5.25V.

The company also unveiled a member of a new family of high-efficiency step-down regulators with integrated power switches, operating from 2.7V to 5.5V and delivering up to 18A of output current in an extremely small package size.

Maxim Integrated Products