Molex has introduced its DDR4 DIMM sockets in both aerodynamic and standard versions, giving design engineers more options and improved performance while remaining cost-competitive. The aerodynamic socket features a through hole termination style and streamlined latch and housing feature for better airflow and space-savings. The standard version features three termination styles: press-fit for solderless processes, surface mount technology for ease of printed circuit board (PCB) trace routing and through hole for cost-effective applications.

All DDR4 DIMM sockets from Molex meet JEDEC specifications and support UDIMM, RDIMM and LRDIMM memory applications for data, computing, telecommunication and networking servers with higher data speed and lower operating voltage than DDR3. The sockets also feature a moisture-resistant, high-temperature nylon with a Coefficient of Thermal Expansion that makes them ideal for high-temperature processing operations.

“Customers deploying enterprise-level server systems are looking for interconnect solutions that provide design flexibility and cost savings while enabling virtually fail-proof reliability through round-the-clock operation hours,” said Poon Wai Kiong, global product manager, Molex. “By offering different styles and reducing the connector footprint for increased PCB space, Molex addresses these needs while offering superior electrical performance over the DDR3. And our new construction material helps significantly reduce yield loss for greater cost savings and faster delivery.”

The press-fit DDR4 DIMM sockets provide a lower cost of operation with a clean, solderless process that eliminates the added heat-cycle, which can cause stress to the PCB or degrade electronic components. All of the connectors benefit from ergonomically designed socket latches that enhance usability with robust protection against high rip-out force and vibration. The dual-side lead-ins on the sockets facilitate smooth module insertion, while stand-offs at the base simplify solder-joint inspection, measurement and rework. Profiled contact terminals prevent contact-stubbing and eliminate stress caused to the housing during terminal insertion while offering high connector durability by supporting up to 25 mating cycles. The sockets also provide a smaller pitch (0.85 mm) than DDR3 sockets and demonstrate excellent compatibility in lead-free and halogen-free processing technologies.

Molex offers 0.76 and 0.38 µm gold-plated DDR4 DIMM sockets in a combination of several housing and latch colours, PC tail lengths and PCB thicknesses.