A new high-speed data-capture option has been introduced for the Yokogawa WT1800 precision power analyser. This allows it to capture numeric data on the change of status during one rotation of a motor when the motor is started, when the rotation speed changes, or when the load condition varies.

The function optomises the test systems sampling frequency (up to two MS/s) and its ability to carry out calculations on measured parameters in real-time.

The new high-speed data-capturing function can measure three-phase voltage/current/ power and torque/rotation speed/ mechanical power every five ms (when external synchronisation is off) or every 1-100 ms (depending on the clock signal frequency) if external synchronisation is on.

It transmits a block of data every second to an internal or external memory or to a PC using a communications interface. Every second, the system updates its displays with the previous one second of data.

The average characteristic is set using the cut-off frequency of the high-speed filter V/3A.