An advanced multi-channel, multi-room HDTV over Wi-Fi gateway is being launched by ProVision Communication Technologies and Zenverge. The device is based on a four times HD advanced media codec and transcoder system on a chip. Its application processor executes end-to-end wireless video software, which enables HD video at all receivers.

The system can handle up to four 1080p video streams simultaneously, employing a video quality based statistical multiplexing algorithm to ensure video quality, and can be applied to coax, power-line and wireless technologies.

In addition, the dual band directional ­antenna system provides enhanced range and throughput.

“Consumer demand for wireless multi-stream, multi-room High Definition TV is clear; whether the source is set-top box, DVR, Blu-ray player or IPTV” said Steve Cliffe, ProVision CEO.

“Coax, power-line and wireless technologies all play their part in the ­connected home, but clearly the need to deliver to ­laptops, smart phones and other mobile devices will drive wireless connectivity. This solution in particular allows for managing multiple streams of HD”, Cliffe concluded.

“Service providers worldwide are transitioning to delivery of broadcast and stored content to multiple screens throughout the home”, said Amir Mobini, Zernverge CEO.

“We collaborated to address the performance and QoS issues for transmitting video content over wireless that is critical to mass deployment”, Mobini said.