Hamamatsu Photonics introduce a new compact CMOS linear image sensor; the S12443, designed for barcode readers, encoders, position detection and image reading applications. Designed for high volume quantities due to the plastic package, very low cost is achieved.

The S12443 boasts a 2496 pixel long photosensitive area in a package which is only 22.9 mm in length. Each pixel is vertically long at 7 x 125 um, with a total photosensitive area length of 17.472 mm.

CMOS image sensors have an ideal feature in low power consumption and, in the case of the S12443, it only requires a supply of 3.3 V. Due to a very small input terminal capacitance of only 5 pF, a high-speed data rate of 10 MHz is achieved. With the use of a built-in timing generator, operation is simply done with only start and clock pulse inputs.

Being a CMOS sensor, the S12443 is small in size and has more highly integrated signal processing circuits. This yields better cost efficiency and extends its applications in the industrial equipment field.

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