Improvements to the RGB backlight and the LC fluid have resulted in each pixel now displaying twenty seven colours, an increase of over 3x from the original design. This also has the effect of improving contrast which is now 300:1 with the viewing angle now 150 degrees left to right.
GPEG’s FSD’s have a paper white background or, in negative mode, a very black background with minimal light bleed. The displays are available with an onboard controller which simplifies interfacing to popular microprocessors.

We offer a full customisation service for these displays and our project team will help guide you through the design process from concept to mass production.
The FSD series of colour LCD displays offers an economic alternative to full colour display solutions and allows you to upgrade a monochrome display to a colour display at a very competitive price.
Applications include, white goods, industrial devices, instruments, meters, and information displays.


  • Twenty seven colours per pixel
  • Parallel and/or serial interface
  • Low power
  • High contrast 300:1
  • Wide viewing angle +/-150 deg left to right
  • No colour filter
  • Low cost

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