A digital AC/DC LED driver platform for commercial and wireless solid-state lighting (SSL) systems has been unveiled by iWatt Inc.

The first device in this new platform is the company’s iW3630, a two-stage, Flickerless LED driver with output power up to 45W. This device is believed to be the first SSL LED driver with a built-in 0V to 10V dimming interface for commercial lighting ballasts.

It also supports a PWM digital dimming interface for wireless SSL applications.

The company advises it has used a highly integrated design, enabling considerable savings to bill of materials cost compared to 0V to 10V applications. It also maintains a high power factor (PF) even at loads down to 20 percent of full load.

Another feature is the low total harmonic distortion (THD) of <15 percent, meeting stringent global energy regulations, along with a built-in over-temperature protection (OTP) and derating function to improve the predictability and reliability of system operating life.

The device has a built-in ­isolation transformer driver that works directly with 0V to 10V dimming systems, eliminating the need for additional driver circuitry components and costly microcontrollers; while the PWM digital interface simplifies integration into wireless lighting systems.