Design Environmental has been established since 1985 as a UK based designer and manufacturer of environmental and climatic temperature and humidity test chambers and rooms.

Now part of the German based Weiss Tecknik Group, the largest environmental engineering company in the World, we have an ever growing and diverse customer base encompassing many industries such as electronics, aerospace, defence, automotive  and higher education. Our wide customer base and years of experience mean we have a solution for almost any requirement for temperature or humidity testing and have supplied equipment to test everything from small to very large units.

We have our own team of installation and field service engineers ensuring continuity in all aspects of the job in hand and also offering comprehensive after sales service and calibration.

Design Environmental is an ISO 9001:2008 company and all products are fully CE marked.

We can offers a range of high quality, environmental, climatic test chambers for cyclic or stability testing of temperature or humidity and we also have an extensive chamber range suitable for ESS and Halt Hass testing with or without vibration.

Our standard temperature test chambers range in size from 20 litres to 125 litres bench mounted or 110 litres to 3000 litres floor standing. Larger sizes up to drive in rooms are available as customised solutions.

Temperature ranges -40°C or -70°C to +180°C are typical with optional humidity control for climatic testing between 10% RH to 98% RH.

All chambers can be supplied with fully programmable control of temperature and humidity. Programming, logging and analysis can also be provided via our comprehensive software package.

As well as our standard test chambers we are most well know for our customised environmental test chamber solutions. At Design Environmental we are geared to producing those special one-off requirements at an affordable price. The process starts by consultation to gain an understanding of your requirements and then utilising our widely experienced resources to propose an acceptable solution. A customised test chamber can mean many things, from a small modification to one of our standard chambers to a completely unique design for a special product.  Customised solutions can include:       

Size – Large floor standing test chambers walk in or drive in rooms capable of accommodating vehicles and in some cases aircraft.

Temperature – Extended temperature range to -100°C with liquid Nitrogen, Upper temperature range up to +220°C. Refrigeration plant designed to accommodate specific test loads that may be dissipating large amounts of heat.

Fast Rate of Change – Chambers with specific test loads that achieve a temperature rate of change of up to 80°/minute with liquid Nitrogen or up to 20°C/min with compressors. Options for water or air cooled refrigeration plant are available.

Humidity – Fully controllable climatic conditions with low humidity from between 5%RH to 98%RH.

Interface – Rooms and chambers that can interface with other test equipment such as vibration generators, tensometers and conveyor systems.

Turnkey – Design Environmental also has the capability to provide turnkey packages offering complete testing solutions to include solar arrays, single axis and multi axis vibration and hypoxic requirements. We can also provide laboratory cold room packages including lab furniture and a safe working environment for laboratory technicians.

Remote Conditioning – We supply Remote Air Conditioning Units of various sizes to accommodate and condition a temporary test enclosure for equipment that just won’t fit into a standard test chamber due to its size or operational requirements.

If you have a specific test requirement not mentioned above then please get in touch with our sales team, we are sure we will have done something similar before or will find the correct solution for you.

As well as supply and installation we offer a full after sales service. This is provided by our own experienced, qualified, mobile service engineers with up to date certification for electrical, mechanical and the handling of fridge gases.

Preventative maintenance contracts – Maintenance contracts for any make of chamber, tailored to your needs and budget, consisting of one or two scheduled visits per year with additional breakdown visits free of additional charge.

Calibration – Design Environmental offer calibration traceable to UKAS on all makes of climatic test chambers and rooms. Signed certificates of conformity are issued with every calibration and a label affixed to the equipment showing the date and time the next visit is required. Multi point temperature and humidity calibration is available as well as air velocity, light levels (lux) and pressure.

Refurbishment – The life of a test chamber or room can be extended through refurbishment and modernisation. An initial free of charge appraisal will be followed by advice on a suitable upgrade path and a detailed quotation. If upgrade or refurbishment is not cost effective then no quotation will be offered and disposal recommended.

Relocation – Design Environmental has extensive experience in the successful decommissioning and relocation of all types of test chambers and environmental rooms both in the UK and overseas. Taking things apart is not difficult, putting them back together again so they work reliably to their original specification, or in some cases better, is where our skill and experience counts. This service is available for single units or multiple chambers and all work is covered by warranty and traceable certification.