Panasonic Electric Works has played an instrumental role in the development of modern relays. Thanks to the research and production centre in Japan and Germany they now offer a comprehensive and versatile product line-up that provides solutions to practically any switching requirement.

For an ever increasing number of applications modern solid state relays are becoming a viable alternative to the classical electromechanical relay. Compared to conventional relays semiconductor based relays offer two essential advantages- superb reliability and nearly unlimited lifespan.

The various solid state relays all work on the same basic principle. An isolated input optical element produces an optical beam to active a power semiconductor on the output. The type of output device classifies the relay types  –   a PMOS type with a MOSFET on the output side and the SSR type where the output uses a TRIAC as the power semiconductor.

The SSR has the added ability to allow choice of switching behaviour in that it can act as a zero-cross – only switching when the output voltage is at 0V so eliminating electromagnetic noise.

With switching levels ranging from micro signal to high current inductive loads Panasonic solid state relays can offer a perfect solution to the most complex requirement.