A wide range of ultra low-power e-paper displays and supporting electronics are available to enable the most innovative new commercial display applications. E-paper products offered by Densitron are energy efficient, easy-to-read, rugged alternative to conventional technologies such as LCD, EL, VF and others. If you are looking for a wireless display with indoor/outdoor readability that will last for years without changing the battery, e-paper displays are the right choice for you.

These characteristics provide a basis for other applications where power availability is limited and periodical or random update is required.

USB E-paper Kits

All you need to drive an E-Paper display from a PC

The Densitron E-Paper Display Kits were developed to enable easy programming and updating of E-Paper displays from your PC.

Support Electronics

In order to drive or integrate an E-Paper display into your design, there are a number of electronic subsystems required. The minimum requirements: Picture Generator, Timing Controller and System Integration can be provided by us or integrated into your design.

Each Kit includes: E-Paper display, Timing controller, Picture Generator, USB Cable and a USB Drive containing PC application, schematics, source code, user guide and controller data sheets.

AdapTag -wireless Development Kit

AdapTag development kit provides a simple, working reference design for hardware and software development on a sub 1 GHz at 433MHz applications, based on the Texas Instruments CC430 RF MCU with ultra-low power active matrix electronic paper displays (EPD’s) from Pervasive Displays Inc (PDi).

The AdapTag board with PDi’s EPD is able to operate as host or slave, and contains Advanced Low Power Star (ALPS) protocol stack, programmable firmware code and open source software that can be tailored towards many different EPD applications.


  • Supports 2”, 1.44” and 2.7” EPDs
  • MCU I/O and debug pins are leaded out on the board for extra needs and programming.
  • Power source supports from Spy-Bi-Wire (USB) or CR2450 battery
  • Two LEDs and one button fitted on board to facilitate status monitoring, debugging and functional needs
  • Supports updating image data by USB locally or via RF wireless


  • Starter kit to quick design RF product with active matrix e-Paper display (EPD)
  • Reduced development time and shortened time to market
  • Complete low power protocol reduces the RF communication design cycle
  • Open reference circuits, tool source code and design documents
  • Ultra low power consumption through configurable output power, flexible frame cycle and time slot of protocol
NEW Hardware & Software solution from Densitron

RipDraw™ – Cloud based GUI design tool and TFT solution

Densitron Technologies has recently extended its product range and entered the software market with the RipDraw™ GUI Design Suite. RipDraw™ creates a powerful and extremely easy to use tool, helping smaller companies which often lack an art department, to fully utilize a TFT display. The worldwide introduction includes Cloud Computing web portal and RipDraw™ Emulator and RipDraw 7” WVGA 1024 x 600 GPU assisted TFT.

Web portal users can benefit from the 8000 copyrighted royalty free images to rapidly prototype world class GUI designs keeping the costs down and greatly reducing time to market. A 7-layer WYSIWYG intuitive drawing design editor enormously speeds up project creation time. The stateless storyboarding resembles PPT screen and greatly reduces the learning curve. Not to forget the cloud-based web portal allowing greater collaboration on the designs and reducing IT overhead.

You can watch the RipDraw video on Densitron’s YouTube Channel

Solisbond® Optical Bonding – a must have for your application

In November 2012 Densitron announced the opening of the Optical Bonding Facility in Taiwan.

Our optical bonding service Solisbond®, offers optically bonded engineered solutions created in our new class 10,000 clean room bonding facility. It allows displays to be bonded to touch screens and cover lenses and is becoming an increasing requirement in the industrial marketplace that we address. In fact, numerous benefits and cost-effectiveness of optical bonding makes it no longer a nice to have, but now a must have for many applications.


  • Improved Sunlight Readability – decreases reflection on the display glass from external light source, hence improves the contrast ratio
  • Shock-resistant
  • Re-workable process
  • Improved Luminance – Reduces light loss from backlight units which increases luminance for about 8%
  • No UV curing required
  • Green process and material
  • Cost-effectiveness

We will advise our customers on the design of the cover lens, helping with the selection of the right material, treatment and printing process. We can also manufacture the cover lenses to request and provide a suitable display and touchscreen combinations. Solisbond® bonded displays can be customized to meet automotive, high humidity and marine standards (-30C to +85C). Environmental testing and tolerance analysis are for us an obvious standard. Documentation for the tests and calculations are of course also available.