ON Semiconductor has launched its Ezairo 7100 series of integrated circuits and packaged hybrids for advanced hearing aids and hearing implant devices. The company claims these devices feature five times the processing power of previous systems, enabling them to support evolving algorithm, wireless and system-level needs.

These devices feature quad-core architecture that is constructed from a 24-bit open-programmable CFX DSP core. Inclusion of an ARM Cortex-M3 processor has been added to support wireless protocols and supports the DSP core with special error-correction and audio coding. The system also features a HEAR configurable accelerator engine, dedicated for audio processing tasks, and a new Filter Engine  which implements efficient time-domain filters. In combination with non-volatile memory and wireless transceivers,  this solution is said to form a complete hardware platform.

In Ezairo 7100, major signal processing capabilities are hardwired in logic blocks while the programmable DSP enables additional signal processing capabilities to be implemented in software,” said Michel De Mey, Senior Director, hearing and audio solutions at ON Semiconductor.

“The open architecture is designed specifically for hearing aids and hearing implant devices and allows manufacturers to respond quickly to shifting market needs.”

These devices are manufactured using 65 nanometer process technology, the series integrates analogue front-end circuitry with an unmatched input dynamic range of 110dB that enables high sound precision and quality.

A programmable Filter Engine supports an ultra-low delay audio path of 44µs for superior performance of features such as occlusion management. The addition of an integrated wireless controller, compatible with NFMI and RF wireless technologies, supports efficient data transfer to and from wireless transceivers.

ON Semiconductor