Yamaichi Electronics has developed a new 28Gbps copper cable connector system with both CFP4 and QSFP28 interface. Yamaichi Electronics is a market leader of CFP4/CFP2 high speed connector products and the first company to make these connectors available to the global market.

Yamaichi is offering both active and passive copper cable solutions. The active copper cable CFP4 – QSFP28 supports a 28Gbps signal link up to 8m length at AWG26 cable and 5m length at AWG30 cable.

The signal transmission performance of the new 28Gbps active copper cable with both CFP4 and eQSFP+ interface, is being demonstrated at ECOC 2014 in Cannes, stand 163 (Yamaichi Electronics).

The demonstration is 28Gbps eye diagram and bit error rate performance on full channel link while connecting to an Altera Stratix V GT FPGA board, and loop back connection of Tx/Rx channel at the other end of the cable.

Yamaichi Electronics´ CFP4 connector which is used in this demo, and the QSFP28 connector (eQSFP+) are having a per channel signal transmission capability of 32Gbps.

The 28Gbps copper cables and connectors are being used at 100Gb Ethernet and Infiniband EDR systems all while using a 28Gbps or 25Gbps x 4 channels of signal configuration. These cables and connectors are expected to be used in future next generation 400Gb Ethernet systems as well.

Complete solutions from connectors to mechanical kits and components are provided for CFP4/CFP2/CFP which are following the MSA standards. Yamaichi also introduces QSFP connector (eQSFP+) and kit with transmission capability of 32Gbps per channel (same as for each CFP channel).