The ED3101 from Amplicon is a rugged low cost Ethernet extender that offers long distance communication over copper wires and can support speeds of up to 50Mbps at 300m and 1Mbps at 1900m.
Ethernet extension doesn’t need to be expensive or difficult, the ED3101 is an easy to use, cost effective Ethernet extender that features plug-and-play installation using existing copper twisted-pair infrastructure to connect Ethernet devices and networks at high speeds over long distances. The unit can operate over long distances supporting up to 50Mbps at a distance of 300m and 1Mbps at a distance of 1900m.
The ED3101 must be used in pairs or alternatively an ED3101 can be used in conjunction with an ED3141 – a hardened version for harsh environments. This solution is ideal for systems that require an office grade device at the central location and a hardened extender for field installation for example in roadside cabinets or remote works.
Whether you need to connect to a remote office, private-network or remote automation the ED3101 is the perfect solution. Using layer 2 of the OSI model (data link layer), the ED3101 transparently passes all higher-layer protocols including VLAN tagging, multicast addressing and industrial fieldbus protocols such as MODBUS/TCP and PROFINET IO.
The ED3101 is supplied with a power supply, single Ethernet port and a configuration DIP switch. The DIP switch is used to configure where the extender is located; Local (CO) or Remote (CPE). This makes the ED3101 one of the easiest extenders to use on the marketplace today.