Components Bureau has announced its partnership with global magnetics component manufacturer Superworld Electronics. Under the terms of the UK agreement, Components Bureau will focus on Superworld Electronics’ Multilayer Ferrite Beads/Inductors, Wirewound Inductors, Common Mode and Line Filters, Low Profile Power Inductors, Moulded Choke Coils, Unshielded & Shielded Inductors and Through-Hole Inductors.

Headquartered in Singapore, Superworld Electronics has established a strong presence in Asia with manufacturing facilities in Taiwan and China. According to Andrew Ferrier, general manager at Components Bureau: “By moving into the inductor market, Components Bureau now offers design engineers a more rounded portfolio and opens up markets for us in lighting and power supply equipment.”

In addition, many of the Superworld Electronics components – such as the PDC0403, PDC0502, PDC0504, PDC0705 and PDC1005 series of SMD power inductors and the PIC0402HP, PIC0603H, PIC0605H and PIC1004H series of SMD power choke coils – compare well to catalogue style products.

As one of the UK’s larger electronic component distributors specialising in the supply of passive components, LEDs and EMC products, Components Bureau takes care of a number of markets including data comms, telecoms, consumer electronics, industrial and lighting. Established in 1985, the company is accredited to BS EN ISO9001:2008, and can offer a range of services including KanBan and JIT. An innovator in the field of outsourced manufacturing, the company has partners in Asia to provide support at every point in the manufacturing process from tooling to delivery.

Components Bureau will primarily focus on two newly released products from Superworld Electronics, the SPS range of Low Profile Power Inductors and PIC series of Moulded SMD Power Choke Coils – all parts are compliant with the RoHS Directive.

The new SPS range of low profile power inductors comprises four models, SPS201610E, SPS252012E, SPS250210C and SPS252012C, and targets a variety of applications from Input/output of DC/DC converters and power supplies for portable communications equipment, digital cameras and camcorders, and GPS navigation equipment. The standard inductance range is from 0.24 µH up to 2.20 µH, and can handle currents up to 4.5 A and DCR as low as 24 mO – model dependent.

For motherboard, VGA card and FPGA applications, as well as notebooks and LED TVs, is the PIC series of surface mount power choke coils. The new PIC0604H series, for example, comes in a new case size with a reduced footprint measuring just 7.30 x 6.60 x 3.80 mm in size. There are 17 models in total, which are rated for currents from 64 to 3.2 A (Isat) and 32 to 1.8 A (Irms) with respective inductances from 0.12 to 33 µH and DCR 1.0 to 210 mO.

Lewis Yeo, sales manager at Superworld Electronics added: “We have been servicing our domestic market since 1975; Components Bureau has an excellent reputation in the UK and will help support our expansion into the UK market. We look forward to a long and successful relationship with Components Bureau.”

Product samples are available upon request, with flexible volumes and lead times accommodated.