TTI, Inc., is now stocking the Pluscon circular connector series from Phoenix Contact. These devices are designed for a wide range of applications, including power, signal, outdoor and harsh environments. A variety of connector sizes are available, including M5, M8, and M12 for low to medium current and voltage applications, M17 and M23 for medium current and high voltage applications and up to M40 and M58 for high current and voltage applications.

The devices provide Speedcon locking and a front- and rear-panel feed through. Numerous different versions are available, including PCB mountable, straight, and angled versions, as well as wave solderable and reflow process versions. Pre-assembled, halogen-free TPE litz wire versions offer protection up to IP68 and shielded versions meet EMC requirements. Custom inserts, keyed and colour-versions are also available. The connectors can be ordered with solder, screw, spring, Quickcon, and Piercecon contacts.

The connector housings are zinc diecast and contacts are gold plated for reliable signal integrity. The housing styles are available for cable connections, coupling, panel feed through and PCB mount applications. Molded cables and pre-wired assemblies are available in standard lengths or can be made-to-order to suit a specific application. Product modifications are also available upon request.

Target applications for the devices include industrial automation, cabinet building, infrastructure, water/waste water, railway, energy, outdoor installations, and food and beverage.

TTI, Inc.